I spoke with a friend this morning who is devastated and furious over the tragedy last week in Newtown, CT in the US.

Incredible Imagineer,

It is only right for me to humble myself before you, the energy behind this  universe.  May I sing your praises from morning til night. When I try to describe you there aren’t words with sufficient superlative qualities.  You are more than…  older than… bigger than… deeper than…  Amazing!

Lord of Life,

I bring my friend, Kathy, to you today.  When we spoke this morning, she still was angry that you could let something like the Sandy Hook massacre occur.  She doesn’t want to worship you.  She is outraged.

And I must admit, after talking with you for all this time and asking for things and you give them to me, it scares me to think that every day I need to say “and please, no more murders.”

I’ve known for a longer time, though, that you don’t create allow only good things to happen.  I know it’s my job to face whatever horrific thing happens and find a way to make good come from it.

Help Kathy and all the people of Sandy Hook and all the rest of us to heal after last Friday’s unconscionable event.  Let us be love for one another.  Let us glimpse your love and pass it to all.

Glorious Grandother,

Thank you for giving Kathy the idea to move into action.  While she works on organizing for legislation, she has a sense of the power you have given every one of us.  Thank you for inspiring Kathy to use her gifts for good.   Thank you for inspiring her to bring your justice to our world. Let us make your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

You have given to us extravagantly.  I love you so much!

And I pray in Jesus’ name,


To God be the glory!

Melissa Pazen © 2012

Live Inspired:  pray continually; think boldly; dare greatly; love unconditionally; act deliberately, kindly, justly, mercifully and humbly; forgive easily; laugh frequently!