The corporation for which I work awaits a new Manager (who needed to give a month’s notice at her old position).  One of this manager’s subordinates has assumed the manager’s critical responsibilities in addition to her own.  It’s clearly too much to try to accomplish and is taking a toll on my coworker.



We sit in the US with well-paid jobs, more than enough to eat, heat, technology…  all comes from You and we are amazed at your abilities.  As I sit on my comfortable chair, at my fast PC, I pray for my colleague Lydia.  I watch as she tries so hard to do the best possible job.

job stress

I pray that you will remind her that you love her beyond her wildest imagination.  Let Lydia always remember that you are at her side, supporting her.  In days when there is too much to be accomplished, help her to know that you are pleased with her.  She is your beloved child.  Please, Lord, grant Lydia internal peace in the external chaos.


Pour your grace upon her.  Bless her work, knowing that all she does glorifies You.

Through Christ our Lord,