This morning’s Stillspeaking Devotional made me think.  In fact, I believe its purpose was to make us all stop and think… and say ‘yes’.  I try so hard to say “yes” and I sometimes feel thwarted at every effort.  There are days when I feel as if my helium-like positivity is being weighed down by other people’s worries or negative demeanors.  What am I to do, God?


And even those who I thought would embrace change and transformation are grasping at my ankles when I only want to rise and be with you.

If we are supposed to bring your kingdom to come on earth, why are so many so convinced that we cannot rock the boat?

I choose not to quit, but it’s hard to go on when suggestions are met with ‘no’ or the softer but equally blocking ‘however’.  Lord, I need you to show through me.  I alone do not have what it takes to convince others to follow you, but I know that you do.

Give me the courage to stand strong and loving.  Give me the patience to stay balanced and filled with my convictions.


Soften the hearts of the stodgy.  Help them to see that if they will only let you take charge, that all will be well.  Lord, I love you so much.

May your “yes” override our doubts about you and overwhelm us with gratitude and joy.

In Jesus’ name,


To God be the Glory!

© Melissa Pazen, 2013

Live Inspired:  pray continually; think boldly; dare greatly; love unconditionally; act deliberately, kindly, justly, mercifully and humbly; forgive easily; laugh frequently!