Melissa Pazen realized years ago that when people asked her to pray, she agreed, and meant to do so… but never did.  Her solution to the dilemma was to write her prayer in an email to the requester.  Over time, she found that when writing to God, she wanted the prose to be her best effort.


I’m Melissa.  I’m older than 50, a serious (but lighthearted) Christian, am married, have two grown children, provide a home for my dogs, work full-time, have a small life coaching practice, hold a master of social work degree and live in a town 40 or so miles west of Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

I’m to the point where I pray almost continually.  Friends suggested that I publish my prayers.  I’m hoping to create a first effort of that in 2013.  A friend who is an editor suggested blogging because people might follow me and I could demonstrate to a publisher that I have an audience.

I’m honored by all who do follow me and grateful for all who read my prayers.  Welcome to my little corner of the world.  You may find my website at  You may email me at And I love it when people comment here.